The manager's definitive, step-by-step formula for REWARDS & RECOGNITION for your team.

Fundamentals of an Effective Employee Rewards & Recognition Program

You only have two kinds of employees: loyalists or mercenaries.

Loyalists know you genuinely care about them, they believe in your cause, and they bond with other employees. Mercenaries, on the other hand, are always looking for the next biggest check – whether it’s with your company or not.

If your only differentiator is you pay the most, don’t be surprised when they pick up and leave for $5 more an hour!

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Your Video Series

  • VIDEO 1: INTRODUCTION TO REWARDS & RECOGNITION - You only have two kinds of employees: loyalists or mercenaries. If your only differentiator is you pay the most, don’t be surprised when they pick up and leave for $5 more an hour!

  • VIDEO 2: EFFECTIVE EMPLOYEE REWARDS SYSTEM 1-4 - As a manager, the responsibility for your employees’ engagement rests directly on your shoulders. Once you have the right team, it’s time to correctly reward them for their efforts.

  • VIDEO 3: EFFECTIVE EMPLOYEE REWARDS SYSTEM 5-7 - Even more great information on using rewards & recognition to get peak performance out of your team.

  • VIDEO 4: TIPS TO SUCCESSFUL RECOGNITION - If you want to be successful, champion your employees. Appreciate their efforts. The reward that recognition provides is worth it. You have the ability to create a superstar team. Your success depends on it. Remember: Hall of Fame coaches only get there by the efforts of their team!

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Each video comes with a set of follow-up questions from the Rewards & Recognition Workbook, available as a pdf download. 

If you prefer reading rather than watching, you can also find the full course in our Rewards & Recogniton eBook, also available as a pdf download. 

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Your newfound leadership skills will be responsible for life-changing improvements for your employees.

Not only will they be more effective in their job duties at the company, they will respect you as their leader.

You'll see rises in employee engagement and job satisfaction, that ultimately lead to better customer service and increased profits.

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